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iNaturalist for Beginners

New to iNaturalist? It's free, and accessible on your smartphone of computer. Plants and animals from around the world are featured, so even if you don't want to post a photo yet, you'll enjoy seeing what the world has to offer!IMG 5257 cropclean350w

To get started with a smartphone:

  • Download the free iNaturalist app for iOS or Android
  • Create a free account using the app on your phone.

If you prefer working from your computer, then start by creating an iNaturalist account here.

Start exploring! Under the “Explore” tab you can search for specific plants, animals, or places. As of this morning, there were 158,741 observations recorded in Humboldt County, including 5,935 species!


From a smartphone:

  • Create an observation. Learn how by watching this video or following these instructions

From your computer:

Locations: If you take photos with a smartphone that has location enabled, the photo location will be included inyour observations automatically.

Showing your best photo: When you have uploaded several photos of one plant, choose the photo you want people to see first, thenslide all the others into it.

Lots of FAQ's are answered on this page:

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